Narrator With the Fold Crystal scattered amongst the Solar System, the SDF-1 finds itself in a struggle with Queen Breetai and her MegaVerse MegaForce. Dr Luna, having developed the Chibbi-Macross, had hoped this would solve their problems - but the crew's lack of experience allowed Queen Breetai to catch them with their pant(ie)s down.
Episode three Saviour! Tuxedo Max!
[Outside the SDF-1. Macross and Chibbi-Macross are busy trying to cover themselves.]
Queen Breetai Bwahahahahaha.
Execite Begging your pardon, My Queen - but wouldn't your gloating be more effective if you turned the microphone on?
[Outside the SDF-1. A flash of light streams from top right to bottom left, impaling itself to the front of Queen Breetai's ship. It is a Flower Of Life.]
Queen Breetai Who dares?
[sound effect: acoustic guitar blurb]
[Outside the SDF-1. A Veritech Hover Tank in Battloid mode stands hovering in mid air. It is striking a pose that no servo could possibly strike - but this is anime, so that's OK.]
Voice It is I, Tuxedo Max!
Bridge Usagis He is just so cooool!!...
[Inside Breetai's flagship. Someone has gone and painted the control room in pastels.]
Queen Breetai You dare to challenge the MegaVerse?
Tuxedo Max I dare, double-dare and triple dare. I live on dares.
Execite Ah. A Darian.
Voice Queen Breetai, let me take care of this upstart.
Queen Breetai Very well. Dispose of him.
[Space. Tuxedo Max's VHT is quickly joined by a grey bioroid.]
Voice I challenge you to a duel, Tuxedo Max, to the death. Winner takes all.
Tuxedo Max I accept. And your name?
Voice I am... Zoracite!
Lisa You could see that one coming.
Cloddia Hey, I barely finished mopping the floor from the last time.
Dimmei Go get him Tuxedo Max! <sigh> He's just soooo dreamy.
[Macross Secret Laboratory room. Dr. Luna is looking at his screen with tears in his eyes.]
Dr. Luna I'm just not getting through to her.
Artmic Don't worry, Luna. You only have to put up with her for one more episode.
Dr. Luna Artmic! What are you doing here?
Artmic I have finally found the last Sailor. Let me introduce you.
[A door opens in the background, a shadowy figure framed in the light from it.]
Dr. Luna Well hello Sailor.
[Outside the SDF-1. Tuxedo Max is battling with Zoracite - they are having an arm-wrestling contest.]
Zoracite You will never win, Tuxedo Max. For I know who you really are! You are mild-mannered Broadway Producer Max Sheffield!
Tuxedo Max Wrong genre.
Zoracite Pepsi Max?
Tuxedo Max I'm more a Petite Cola man myself.
Zoracite The Maxx?
Tuxedo Max Getting closer...
Zoracite Maximum Overkill?
Tuxedo Max Now you're just getting silly.
Zoracite Silly? SILLY? That's MISTER Silly to you, Bud.
Tuxedo Max What did I say? Why are you Zor at me?
Zoracite You've been waiting all day long for that joke, haven't you?
Tuxedo Max All week, actually.
Zoracite Was it worth it?
Tuxedo Max Not really, no.
Zoracite I didn't think so. Would you mind terribly?
Tuxedo Max Please do, I interrupted.
Zoracite Thank you. PREPARE TO MEET THY DOOM v1.666!!
Voice Not so fast, Zoracite.
Zoracite Now what?
[A lone figure appears next to the bridge of the SDF-1.]
Voice I will not let you win.
Zoracite Who are you?
Voice I am Sailor P!
[SDF-1 main bridge. The Bridge Usagis, Cloddia, Lisa, Luna and Artmic are watching the fight.]
Dr. Luna Sailor P?
Artmic An unfortunate misspelling on the birth certificate.
Narrator Will this new arrival tip the balance in favour of our heroes? Or is this just another ploy of the MegaVerse? Find out in our climactic finale, Misspelled! C'est La Vie!

Climactic? I thought you didn't have climates in space...

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