Narrator The Fold Crystal lost in the vastness of the Solar System. The SDF-1 in a struggle with the force of Eeeveeel. A hopeless crew. A pretty girl. A transvestite. This must be the final episode to..
Episode four Misspelled! C'est La Vie!
[Outside the SDF-1. Macross and Chibbi-Macross have forgotten about their lack of underwear. Tuxedo Max's VHT battloid and Zoracite's Bioroid have stopped fighting and have turned to see a new mecha approach.]
Voice I am Sailor P, champion of Justice, defender of the innocent, protector of the weak, upholder of the meek...
Tuxedo Max <softly> ...braggart...
[A large shape detaches itself form the shadow of the Macross and places itself into the light. It is a VF-21 with customised face-plate. It proceeds to make all sorts of bizarre moves and poses.]
Rick On behalf of the Moon, I shall right wrongs and triumph over Eeeveeel... And that means you.
Tuxedo Max Not me, you nitwit. Him.
Rick Oh. Sorry.
Zoracite Enough grand-standing and posturing. I am here to defeat your forces of goody-two-shoes and I mean to accomplish it. Sailors, prepare to die.
Tuxedo Max Does this mean I'm off the hook?
Zoracite Zor!
[Outside the SDF-1. Zoracite's Battloid is pointing to both Tuxedo Max and Sailor P. Ferrets start appearing at its fingertips and shoot out towards both our heroes. As they reach their intended targets, the ferrets rip open holes and disappear inside the mechas.]
Tuxedo Max Ferrets down our pants! Is there nothing to which you will not stoop?
Voice Trouble, friends?
Zoracite Now what?
Voice I am <hiccup> am the MoonShine Knight <wheeze>.
[Another figure steps out of the shadows, revealing an Alpha with a mecha-sized whisky bottle in its hand. It staggers away from the Macross and towards the fight.]
Dimmei <gasp> Kyle!
Kyle <hiccup> Hiya, all! <stagger>
Zoracite You impudent fool. You are no match for my superior fire-power.
Kyle Funny <brp> you should mention fire...
[Outside the Macross. Kyle takes a deep breath (in space? Oh yeah, I forgot - anime), flick a match in front of his face and blows. His alcohol-laden breath catches fire as it nears the match, creating a fire-thrower which engulfs Zoracite.]
Kyle Never under-estimate the power of a bottle of dark Scotch.
Zoracite ...mummy...
[Queen Breetai's flagship. Execite is worried about Breetai's blood-pressure.]
Queen Breetai How dare they? How dare they kill one of my minions.
Execite They turned him into fillet minion, in fact.
Queen Breetai Enough with the pathetic remarks, Execite. I want that ship destroyed, and I want it destroyed NOW!.
Execite All ships, aim main weapons at the SDF-1.
[SDF-1 Main bridge. All the alarms have gone off once again. The crew is handling this with its usual aplomb.]
Bridge Usagis WAAAaaaahhh!!! We're all gonna die!!!
[sound effect: Boing! Boing! Boing!]
Lisa Thank you, Cloddia.
Cloddia But how are we going to escape utter destruction at the hands of Eeeveeel this time?
[From somewhere outside our field of vision appears a great big red something which proceeds to plow through the assembled MegaForce Fleet and destroys them all.]
[SDF-1 Main Bridge. Lisa and Cloddia are assessing the damage done to the SDF-1.]
Lisa Enemy fleet destroyed.
Cloddia Tuxedo Max and Sailor P are all right.
Lisa Oh, good.
Bridge Usagis Oh, no! The MoonShine Knight's Alpha is destroyed.
Lisa <smirking> What. A. Shame.
Bridge Usagis But Dimmei made it.
Lisa <grumbling> ...hoo-effing-ray...
Cloddia Still, I wonder what saved us from certain destruction...
[A ship's bridge. Several humanoid figures are seen standing upright, hanging on to fixtures for their lives. One of the figures is sitting down and playing with the controls.]
Cat Wheeeooo! Speed bumps!
Rimmer Remember, Lister. It was your idea to let him driiiiive...
Narrator RoboDwarf?
Ending It's cold outside, there's no kind of atmosphere
I'm all alone, more or less
Let me fly, far away from here
Fun, fun, fun
In the sun, sun, sun...
Saviour! Tuxedo Max!
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