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ROBOTECH, the TV series and Sentinels Video
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from Macross Perfect Memory, pg. 54, 55
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ROBOTECH ART 3 by Carl Macek
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Published July 1988 by Donning/Starblaze

Book 1: ROLL CALL, Glossary
Book 2: A SOLDIER'S FORTUNE, Glossary
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Dates are certain, in general, to the lowest significant digit. For example:

  • 12000 B.C.E. is known to within 500 years.
  • May 2010 is known to within 15 days.
  • Dates of events on alien worlds are somewhat uncertain, because of the intricacies of converting from one calendar to another. In such cases, the alien calendar's date (A.L., I.C. and P.C.) is from that race's chronicles, and the equivalent Terran date is the best available conversion.

    The religiously neutral `C.E.' and `B.C.E.' have been used in the Terran calendars, following the practice in current historical and archaeological circles. The dates correspond exactly to the conventional `A.D.' and `B.C.' systems, respectively.

    A Tirolian year has been set to 5.657 Terran years, or 2066 days 3 hours 18 minutes and 20.200 seconds. Conversely, one Terran year is equivalent to 0.17678 Tirolian years. This must be taken into account when counting in Aeon Lanack (A.L.). The Tirolian sidereal day (or a single orbit around Fantoma) is 12 Terrestrial hours, 21 minutes. The Imperial Calendar (I.C.) is measured in Tirolian sidereal days from the unification of Tirol; this calendar was introduced when the Robotech Elders seized power. Calculations as to how these figures were derived are available on request.

    A Pretoxican year has been set to 1.3012 Earth Solar years, or 475 days 6 hours 38 minutes and 11.505 seconds. Conversely, one Earth Solar year is equivalent to 0.76850 Pretoxican Calendar years. This must be taken into account when counting in Pretoxican Calendar (P.C.).

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    Entries with a # refer to events in "Robotech: The Untold Story" by Harmony Gold. (No HyperLinks yet)

    Entries with a % refer to events in "Children of the Light, Children of the Shadow", "Children of Zor, Children of Haydon", "Children of Truth, Children of Deceit" and "Children of Hope, Children of Despair" by Aubry Thonon.

    Entries with a * refer to events in "Objective: Reflex Point" and "The Will of Heaven" by Peter Walker and Anand Rao. (No HyperLinks yet)
    NOTE: Events after 2057 do not concord with the sequel to "Objective: Reflex Point".

    Entries with a & refer to events in "Robotech: Alternate Points of View", a Robotech PBEM with Aubry Thonon, K. Wiley, Derek Sherman, Alexander Pedneault, Kirstin McLean and Steve Pustay.

    Entries with a ! refer to events in "Attention On Deck! A Robotech Warrior's Life and Times" by Jason Smith.

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    21500 B.C.E.
    (1 Pretoxican Calendar)
    Traditional date for the birth of Pretoxiria, Goddess of Creation, and Tre'liran, Goddess of Destruction.

    Beginning of Pretoxican Calendar.

    16100 B.C.E. First city-state of Tr!Glath established on southern continent of Pretoxiria, Gh'lest.
    15960 B.C.E. Warring factions between city-states leads to a war destroying most of the eastern coast of Gh'lest.

    Northern continent strengthen against possible invasion.

    15930 B.C.E. Tre!Laren, First Warlord of Tr!Glath, wins the war against the Farg'leh city-sate and establishes himself as Emperor.
    15900 B.C.E. Northern continent subjugated.
    14260 B.C.E. First Pretoxican satellite placed in orbit.
    14200 B.C.E. Pretoxican station established on Pretoxiria's moon.
    14100 B.C.E. First Pretoxican Settlement of Space begins, using sublight vessels.
    13900 B.C.E. Suspended-animation procedures perfected and applied to genetic engineering successfully.
    13840 B.C.E. Experiments in Genetic manipulation lead to the creation of a new race of beings, called Pratir!Ne.
    13800 B.C.E. Pratir!Ne petition for recognition as sentient life, and for equal status. Both petitions granted after much political infighting amongst the ruling class.
    13700 B.C.E. Pretoxican Republic established.
    13490 B.C.E. Pratir!Ne Nevar elected to Republican council.
    13470 B.C.E. Pretoxican populace grows more and more restless at the amount of power now vested in Pratir!Ne hands, both politically and financially.
    13450 B.C.E. Pratir!Ne attempt to overthrow the last remnant of the Pretoxican Republic.

    Internecine War begins.

    13400 B.C.E. Internecine War ends with the genocide of the Pratir!Ne. The last of the Pratir!Ne defenders launch a device into Linar'e. No adverse effect noted.

    Edict passed forbidding experiments into genetic manipulations under pain of dissociation.

    13370 B.C.E. Pretoxican Scientist Nehgar!Ta notices a solar body on approach to Linar'e. Predictions based on the trajectory of the approaching sun foretell the death of Pretoxiria as it is flung out of orbit by the gravitational turbulence.
    13300 B.C.E. Second Pretoxican Settlement of Space begins, using Sleeper System.
    13200 B.C.E. Second Pretoxican Settlement of Space ends, due to lack of resources for more ships.
    13000 B.C.E. Haydon is found culpable of Genetic Experimentation. He and most of his staff escape in a spaceship.
    12995 B.C.E. Hunting party leaves Pretoxiria to search for Haydon's ship.
    12860 B.C.E. Pretoxican Republic Collapses.
    12580 B.C.E. Death of the last Pretoxican still on Pretoxiria.
    12500 B.C.E. Pretoxican vessel from Second Pretoxican Settlement wave arrives at Tirol and establishes a colony.
    12200 B.C.E. Pretoxican vessel from First Pretoxican Settlement wave arrives at V'loxia and establishes a colony.
    12100 B.C.E. Haydon's exploration vessel stops temporarily on several planets in the Fourth Quadrant, interfering with the biosphere of each.

    Humans are transplanted to Praxis and Tirol.

    Humans on Tirol are sold into slavery to the Tirolian Pretoxican.

    11800 B.C.E. Tirolian Pretoxicans exterminated in a slave rebellion. Tirolians scatter over the planet, some carrying agriculture with them, others adopting pastoralism.
    11630 B.C.E.
    (1 Aeon Zor'de)
    Traditional date for the birth of Zor'de, first incarnation of the Tirolian deity Fanto, who drove away the enslaving P'Tok demons, according to the Tirolian epic Zor'deroma.
    10750 B.C.E.
    (8261 P.C., 156 A.Z.)
    Linar'e and the rogue sun pass by, flinging Pretoxiria and its lunar colonies out into space.
    6500 B.C.E. First appearance of walled citystates, in De'ver river valley.
    5970 B.C.E.
    (1 Aeon Lanack)
    Traditional date for the birth of Lanack, third incarnation of the Tirolian deity Fanto, who defeated the armies of the evil god-king Moltok and taught the Dev'erians the art of civilisation, according to the ancient Tirolian epic Lanack Estdo're.
    5800 B.C.E.
    (c. 30 A.L.)
    Writing developed in the Dev'er river valley civilisation.
    4700 B.C.E.
    (c. 225 A.L.)
    Earliest versions of the myths contained in the Lanack Estdo're and Zor'deroma are likely written down.
    2340 B.C.E.
    (642 A.L.)
    Oldest extant fragments of the Lanack Estdo're and Zor'deroma are composed.
    721 B.C.E.
    (928 A.L.)
    Ein'liba Empire reaches its furthest extent.
    301 B.C.E.
    (1002 A.L.)
    Ein'liba Empire collapses.
    360 C.E.
    (1119 A.L.)
    Tiresians emerge as a powerful nation.
    450 C.E.
    (1135 A.L.)
    Industrial revolution begins in Su'tone.
    652 C.E.
    (1171 A.L.)
    Tirolians launch first satellite into Tirolian orbit.
    668 C.E.
    (1174 A.L.)
    Tirolian mathematician and physicist Rogelo Turbin formulates a Superstring Theory of Everything, uniting all four fundamental forces. This result is used to derive a classical General Relativity, and predicts the existence of a six-dimensional hyperspace in addition to four dimensional space-time. Fold drives become a theoretical possibility.
    816 C.E.
    (1200 A.L.)
    Explorer Tovaal Lureq leads Tirol's first attempt at colonisation of the other moons. Their ships, lacking power, cannot escape Fantoma's gravity to explore other planets.
    992 C.E.
    (1231 A.L.)
    Monopoles are isolated in Fantoma's rings, paving the way for the first fold drives.
    (1238 A.L.)
    Tirolian civilisation develops first fold-capable ship.
    (1252 A.L.)
    Karbarrans first contacted.
    (1255 A.L.)
    Ci'Va colonised, mainly by Tirolians of Rilacian origin.
    (0 Imperial Calendar, 1261 A.L.)
    Tirol unites into the Tirolian Republic. Modern Tiresia founded on Tirol near the site of the old city.
    (1262 A.L.)
    Comprehensive Karbarran-Tirolian trade pact signed.
    (1280-1285 A.L.)
    V'loxian War.
    1339 Karbarra severs ties with Tirol, and gives preferred trading status to Ci'Va.
    (1293 A.L.)
    Zor discovers Optera and Flower of Life and derives Protoculture from it.
    (1293 - 1296 A.L.)
    Cloning technologies accelerate at a great pace, thanks to discoveries associated with Protoculture.
    (1294 A.L.)
    Fold drives perfected.
    (1295 A.L.)
    Zentraedi are created.
    (139212 I.C., 1296 A.L.)
    Robotech Elders overthrow the Tirolian Republic and install the Triumvirate system of Government.
    (152000-154100 I.C.)
    Karbarra invaded and conquered by the Zentraedi.
    (161000 I.C.)
    Zentraedi ordered to defoliate Optera. Robotech Empire starts to expand its influence over the Tirolian colonies and other worlds.
    (202000 I.C.)
    Elders and Masters retire to their motherships and live in their new triumvirate clone society, abandoning Tirol's surface.

    Invid begin a fold-guerrilla campaign of terror against the Masters' outermost worlds.

    (224000-239000 I.C.)
    Zor retires briefly to Ci'Va to continue his researches and collaborate with Ci'Vonian colleagues. While there, he pseudonymously pens a series of political and philosophical tracts favouring federalist republicanism over the current Imperium. Zor is recalled by the Elders and is severely reprimanded, but his writings strike a chord in the Ci'Vonian people and in the old patrician families on Tirol and elsewhere. Ci'Vonian nationalism blossoms.
    (250700-251900 I.C.)
    The Ci'Vonian crisis begins. The Robotech Masters demand Ci'Va surrender its sovereignty to the Robotech Empire. Ci'Va baulks, and a major fleet of Zentraedi warships is sent as a threat. The Zentraedi become contaminated by and enamoured with Ci'Vonian culture, and eventually refuse to carry out their orders. When word arrives that an example is to be made of Ci'Va, a third of the planet's population is hurriedly evacuated by their new Zentraedi allies, just as the Grand Fleet arrives to destroy the planet. In all, 500 million Ci'Vonians and 1.7 billion rebel Zentraedi escape into the vastness of space.
    (281412 I.C.)
    The Ci'Vonians, their many Tirolian aristocratic sympathisers and rogue Zentraedi armies, known collectively to the Elders and the Masters as the "Disciples of Zor", declare war on the Robotech Empire. The Masters dramatically increase the numbers of loyal Zentraedi to counter the threat.
    (301000-450000 I.C.)
    Caught between the Ci'Vonian War on one front, and the attrition against outlying territories by the Invid, the Robotech Empire begins to show signs of collapse.
    (445000 I.C.)
    A Ci'Vonian fleet arrives on Tirol and launches a massive offensive against the Robotech Empire. The Tirolian patricians, long stifled by the Triumvirates, throw their lot in with the "Disciples of Zor". The Zentraedi loyal to the Empire are insufficient to defend the homeworld, and the Elders and Masters are forced to bring out their Bioroid armies. The Ci'Vonians are driven back, but at great cost. The Tirolian patricians go into exile among the retreating Ci'Vonians.
    (450000 I.C.)
    Elders' empire is broken. Robotech Masters seize reins of power from Elders, who remain on as figureheads. Though the foundations are weakened, an Imperial renaissance begins.
    (486000 I.C.)
    Invid military campaign intensifies, taking advantage of the chaos caused by the Ci'Vonian War.
    (545000 I.C.)
    Loyal Zentraedi crush the rebels and are programmed to remember the danger of contact with micronian races. Ci'Vonian stronghold is annihilated by the Zentraedi fleet. Remaining rebel fleet limps away into the darkness, led by surviving Ci'Vonians. Protoculture supplies in the Empire are dangerously low. Imperial renaissance founders because of the power crisis.
    1942 % Eve construct created.
    1944 "Disciples of Zor" fleet captures an automated Robotech factory and starts production of mecha. Pilots still a rare commodity due to heavy Zentraedi losses.
    1945, August Nuclear weapons used in actual combat on Earth.
    (553000 I.C.)
    Zor sent to seed other worlds with Flower of Life.
    1969, July Neil Armstrong, of Apollo 11, is first man to walk on Moon.
    1980, September 27 & Thallin Braywater is born to Jason and Catherine Braywater.
    1981, April Maiden flight of Space Shuttle Colombia.
    1989, March 28 * Thomas Austin is born to Max and Melinda Austin.
    1989, May 13 & Christina Leeds is born to Andrew and Patricia Leeds.
    1992, April 2 ! Jeffrey Dale Framton is born.
    1996, February Space Station Freedom appears in satellite orbit.

    World War III. No nuclear weapons are used, but several chemical and biological weapons are tested. WWIII continues until July 1999.

    1996, December First introduction of power armour in the US, CIS and Japanese forces.
    1997, Jun 24 % Tifaro Treaty signed, prohibiting the research into, and the construction of, Artificial Intelligence. This treaty, however does not cover Neural Nets and other Expert Systems.
    1998, January Experimental nuclear fusion reactor at Princeton achieves breakeven point.
    1998, August 5 * Roger Pike born to Chris and Sue Pike.
    1999, February
    (574300 I.C.)
    % Zor killed by an Invid ambush on a seeding mission. Macross is sent to Earth.

    Invid closing on Imperial core systems.

    Zor's defection activates a Nousgran'diel (Tirolian genetically enhanced assassin) with orders to kill Zor.

    1999, July A colossal meteorite impacts with Earth, coming to rest on South Atalia Island. Investigation reveals that it is an alien spacecraft. It is codenamed ASS-1 (Alien Star Ship). Public announcements are that an asteroid 3 km in diameter, composed of great quantities of metal, impacted with Earth. The matter is treated as top secret until the chaos and confusion are brought under control. What begins as an emergency meeting between the heads of the US and CIS becomes an assembly of all nations.
    1999, August UN Investigating Teams organised. Precise, accurate, minute investigation of ASS-1 begins. South Atalia Island designated UN sphere of jurisdiction.
    1999, September
    (574800 I.C.)
    Robotech Masters authorise Dolza to use `any means necessary' to recapture Zor's Fortress.
    1999, December According to first report of the study of ASS-1, it is discovered that the alien spacecraft is a warship, and its crew are fully five times the size of human beings. Terrified by the all too real prospect of invasion from deep space, a project is begun to unite Earth into one nation.

    & Thallin Braywater is locked by mistake into a Protoculture Chamber.

    2000, March Otech Corporation, a research organisation analysing the alien technology, is established through joint Japanese-US-CIS-German-English-French collaboration.
    2000, April Development of weapons systems for use in combat against the giants begins.
    2000, June Aliens' existence formally announced (excepting the fact of their size, which is kept top secret). Following this, framing plan for United Earth Government officially proclaimed.
    2000, July Outbreak of conflict in the Middle East. The disputes and rebellions and civil wars frequently occurring hereafter in various parts of the world, coupled with World War III, came to be known (somewhat inaccurately) as the Global Civil War.
    2000, October Construction of the gigantic, permanent, Apollo Lunar Base begins in the Sea of Tranquillity, later known as Moon Base Luna. A civilian station is also begun on the moon's surface, known as Advance Lunar Chemical and Engineering station (ALuCE-1). Plans are made (but are never realised) for a second ALuCE base.
    2001, January United Earth Government inaugurated. Founding Prime Minister, Harlan J Niven. United Earth Forces established.
    2001, February Repair and remodelling of ASS-1 for use as main battleship of United Earth Forces begins, with Otech Corporation as heart of project.

    ASS-1 renamed SDF-1 (Super Dimension Fortress1) "Macross", the apparent name of the vessel in the language of its original owners. Estimated date of launch: May 2006. Much of Earth's industrial economy is diverted to the space effort.

    2001, March Announcement of the discovery of a large number of major material science advances by Otech.
    2001, May Construction of giant space manufacturing station begins at L5, in Lunar orbit.
    2001, July Construction of permanent base on Mars, named Sara, begins.

    Civilians begin to immigrate to South Atalia Island, to work on repair of SDF-1.

    South Atalia Island renamed Macross Island.

    2001, August Theory of SDF-1's thermo-nuclear Reflex system explained. Reflex Engines still a mystery.
    2001, September The "Destroid System," ground-combat anti-giant weaponry, begins trial production.
    2001, November Theory of firing system for SDF-1's main cannon explained.
    2002, February Tentative plan introduced for variable all-purpose combat system for use against the giants.
    2002, March Grand Cannon Theory finished.
    2002, May Construction of United Earth Military Anti-Stellar-Warfare Headquarters begins, in Alaska. On the same site, Grand Cannon No. 1 is begun.
    2002, July First Battle for Macross Island fought against the Anti-Unification Forces.
    2002, November First successful test of an Earth-made protoculture Reflex plant, at Otech Corporation. What little is known of the principles behind protoculture is kept top secret.
    2003, April Construction of Armoured Series of space carriers begins, as well as space destroyers, at the L5 manufacturing station.
    2003, November In a factory beneath Apollo Lunar Base, using feedback from repair work on SDF-1, construction begins on SDF-2, a massive space battleship purely of terrestrial design.
    2004, March Construction on Grand Cannon No. 2 begins in the Australian Autonomous Region.
    2004, March 14 * Milo Swift born to David and Beth Swift.
    2004, September Super miniaturised protoculture powerplant finished by Otech. Understanding of alien technologies minimal but sufficient to adapt systems on SDF-1 to Terran weaponry and mechanisms.
    2004, October Grand Cannon No. 3 planned in South America, in the Brazil Autonomous Region.
    2004, November Increases in defence expenses for the SDF-1 Restoration Project cause deterioration of world economy, forcing drastic delays in the restoration.
    2005, January Rioting breaks out in Kazakhstan, Central Asia Autonomous Region.
    2005, February * Max Austin dies of a heart-attack.
    2005, March The first Ophelia-class Space Destroyer is commissioned.
    2005, April Harlan J Niven, Founding Prime Minister of the United Earth Government, is assassinated. His successor is Robert A Rhysling.
    2005, July Frequent occurrences of guerrilla warfare all over America.
    2005, August Withdrawal of all personnel from Mars Base after threat of destruction by the Anti-Unification Forces.
    2005, September To inaugurate the Anti-Unification Forces' Space Force, the third Ophelia-class Space Destroyer to be commissioned is hijacked and, in that raid, the return fleet from Mars is destroyed. A UEG Space Destroyer quickly tracks down and destroys the rogue ship.
    2005, November In a retaliatory attack, the United Forces' Grand Cannon No. 2 is destroyed during construction in Australia. Efforts moved to Grand Cannon No. 3 in Brazil.
    2005, December The giant semi-submersible aircraft carrier Prometheus, CVS-101 (later designated simply as "assault carrier"), is commissioned, for Robotic Technology Mechanism use.
    2006, January First recorded usage of the words "Robotech Mecha" as an abbreviation of Robotic Technology Mechanism.
    2006, March Grand Cannon No. 4 planned in the Lunar North Polar Region.
    2006, April The gigantic assault landing ship Daedalus, SLV-111, is commissioned.
    2006, May Outbreak of the Third Battle for Macross Island.
    2006, June Decision made to develop the MBR-04 series of Destroids.
    2006, October In the Central Russia Administrative Region, the Anti-Unification Army uses tactical nuclear weapons to annihilate St. Petersburg.
    2006, November Battle for Macross Island ends.
    2007, January Global Civil War concluded.

    Training Center for crew of SDF-1 established on Macross Island.

    2007, March The VFX-1, prototype of the variable-combat machines, begins flight testing.
    2007, May Stationing of Destroids aboard the SLV-111 Daedalus begins.
    2007, July Grand Cannon No. 5 planned in the Victorian Autonomous Region, Africa.
    2007, September MBR-04 mk III Destroid Tomahawk enters service.
    2007, October Testing of the VFX-1's usefulness in space begins.
    2008, January MBR-07 mk I Destroid Spartan enters service.

    * Thomas Austin accepted into Robotech Air Force academy, Annapolis Campus.

    2008, March Decision made to formally introduce the VFX-1. Mass production of the VF-1 series begins. Variable Fighter series codenamed "Valkyries".

    First recorded usage of the words "Veritech Mecha" as an abbreviation of Variable Technology Mechanism.

    2008, May Space Carrier ARMD-1 and ARMD-2 commissioned.
    2008, October ARMD-3 and ARMD-10 commissioned. ARMD-10 is a new design, specialised (unlike the others) for Valkyrie Veritechs.
    2009, February HWR-00 mk I Destroid Monster enters service.
    2009, March VF-1 series begins deployment for actual combat. (However, usage is limited to aircraft configuration only, for reasons of internal security.)

    ARMD-4 and ARMD-5 commissioned.

    ADR-04 mk X Destroid Defender enters service.

    2009, June 23-30 Launching ceremonies for SDF-1 Macross scheduled.
    2009, June 27 A Zentraedi fleet, commanded by Breetai, arrives in the solar system.

    & Outbreak of First Robotech War between Earth and the Zentraedi. ARMD-01, -02, -03 and -10, as well as four Ophelia-class Space Destroyers, are destroyed in the initial battle.

    & Christina Leeds dies in Zentraedi Assault.

    ! Jeff Framton injured and placed in coma as a result of the Zentraedi Assult.

    & Macross makes a serious mistake in Fold navigation, sending it, without the Fold System, to Pluto's orbit.

    2009, July ARMD carrier production resumes.

    City completed within Macross.

    2009, July 14 & Izabelle "Izi" Fate is born to Christina Leeds, Tokimatsuri Eve and Thallin Braywater.
    2009, July 22 & Macross Transformation.

    & NightHawk Squadron re-commissioned.

    2009, August ARMD-6 commissioned.

    SDR-04 mk XII Destroid Phalanx enters service.

    2009, September 6 & PinPoint Barrier System completed.
    2009, September 14 & Macross engages in the Battle of Saturn's Rings. Daedalus Manoeuvre first used.
    2009, September 27 ! Jeff Framton, Maximillian Sterling and Benjamin Dixon enter Basic Training.
    2009, October ARMD-7 commissioned.
    2009, December 1 ! Jeff Framton, Maximillian Sterling and Benjamin Dixon enter flight school.
    2010, January ARMD-8 commissioned.
    2010, February 7 & Lang order Izabelle Fate to be disassembled.
    2010, February 9 & Macross' main engines damaged.
    2010, February 12 & Macross engages in Battle of Mars Base. Mars Base Sara is destroyed during the battle.

    & Tamara Sam'di murdered.

    & David marshall reported MIA.

    2010, February 15 Maximillian Sterling and Benjamin Dixon assigned to Vermillions Team of Skull Squadron, Richard Hunter commanding.

    ! Jeff Framton assigned to Ogre Team of Strike Eagle Squadron, Jacien Carr commanding.

    2010, April Macross shipboard TV station begins broadcasting.
    2010, June First Officer Lisa Hayes and several pilots are captured by the Zentraedi and are interrogated by Dolza, the Zentraedi Supreme Commander. At the same time they are rescued, three Zentraedi spies infiltrate the SDF-1.
    2010, July 12 Macross returns to Earth. Captain Gloval reports his experiences to the General Staff.
    2010, July 25 Khyron launches an unauthorised attack on the SDF-1, sitting in the Pacific Ocean. Rick Hunter is injured by friendly fire.
    2010, August 8 Miriya Paarino launches her first attack against the SDF1, and is beaten by Max Sterling. Roy Fokker is killed in the battle.
    2010, August 21 Rick Hunter returns to active duty, now as the SDF-1's Commander Air Group.
    2010, August 28 During an attack by Zentraedi starships on the SDF-1 in Earth's atmosphere, Ottowa and much of the surrounding countryside is destroyed when Macross' omni-directional barrier overloads.

    Breetai given command of the Imperial-class "Ado" fleet.

    2010, September 14 Macross, under orders to sortie away from Earth, once again leaves Earth's atmosphere.

    Zentraedi spies return to their fleet and report their findings. Zentraedi soldiers begin to be contaminated by culture.

    2010, November Grand Cannon No. 1 completed in Alaska.
    2011, March 7 The film "Zhao Bai Lung" (Small White Dragon) premieres.
    2011, May 13 The Zentraedi launch a major assault against the SDF-1, taking advantage of the Daedalus attack. Macross City is badly damaged in the fighting, though the Zentraedi are beaten back.

    Zentraedi begin seeking refuge aboard Macross.

    2011, May 20 Lisa Hayes returns to Earth in an attempt to convince the United Earth High Command to use the Zentraedi defectors as a starting point for negotiations with the Zentraedi.
    2011, June 1 The interstellar wedding of the Terran Maximillian Sterling and the Zentraedi Miriya Paarino is broadcast.
    2011, June 18 A peace agreement is reached between Macross and Breetai's fleet.

    Dolza's Grand Fleet arrives in the solar system, leaving the Tirolian Empire virtually undefended. Earth is heavily bombarded from orbit. Dolza's fleet is annihilated through Operation "Lynn Minmei". Surface battle begins.

    2011, July First Robotech War ends. Atmospheric purification operation executed.
    2011, November United Earth Government re-established. Education and micronisation of Zentraedi begins.
    2012, May Reconstruction of New Macross City well under way.

    Restoration of Nature Project begins.

    % Terran Clone Project begins.

    2012, June Construction begins anew on SDF-2, now christened "Megalord".

    First mixed-breed birth, to Max and Miriya Sterling.

    2012, September 20 % First Terran clones decanted.
    2012, November UEG appropriates funds for the development of new classes of Veritechs, Destroids and combat spacecraft.
    2012, December Repairs to Breetai's ship are completed, and it is recommissioned as the flagship of the New United Forces. Percentage of Zentraedi converted to Micronians exceeds 50%.
    2013, January The Armies of the Southern Cross (ASC), an independent and fully self-integrated branch of the RDF, is established to provide security in the Zentraedi-dominated Southern Hemisphere.
    2013, April * Thomas Austin is assigned to the Skull squadron under Max Sterling.
    2013, May % Part of Skull squadron sent to South America to train the pilots there on new combat routines, Max Sterling commanding.
    2013, June ! Jeff Framton and VF-2 complete tour on Pluto and are transferred to RDFNAS New Oceana, New Oceana, California.
    2013, August Rioting by Zentraedi the world over begins occurring. Patrols begin for sake of maintaining public law and order.

    % Michelle Cequor assigned to Skull Squadron.

    % Hausthar Reneth assigned to Tokyo Research.

    % Skull squadron recalled from South America.

    % Test of first Vindicator prototype fails.

    2013, September Study of plan for project for voyage to Robotech Masters' homeworld begins.
    2013, October Armed resistance by Zentraedi breaks out.

    Operation to seize Factory Satellite begins.

    Robotech Masters depart Tirol for Earth.

    2013, November Factory Satellite arrives at Earth, soon breaking down. Extensive repairs will be needed for even partial function of the facility. Factory Satellite is renamed Space Station Liberty.

    % Pretoxican shock-team destroys building in Tokyo.

    % Zentraedi attack on New Detroit leads to the capture of a sizing chamber.

    Khyron's group goes into action. The Lynn Minmei hostage operation.

    2013, December 24 % Khyron captures a Protoculture Generator.
    2014, January 8 % Battle for New Macross City. SDF-1 and -2 are destroyed.

    Project for pioneer mission to Tirol is made public.

    2014, February Several Nations declare independence of the UEG.

    % Terran Clone Project abandoned.

    # Tornado transformable combat Cycle concept proposed.

    2014, March Zentraedi Control Zone is defined. RDF surrounds the Zone with troops and tries to minimise the Zentraedi threat.

    Skull squadron liberates Brazilian Grand Cannon.

    # In retaliation for the Tornado concept, Southern Cross Army begins to develop its own Veritech motorcycles.

    2014, April # Tornado prototype judged too bulky.

    # Hargun concept proposed.

    2014, May % XDF1 test fails. Crew killed.
    2014, June * Skull squadron transferred to Monument City.

    VA/F-2A Vindicator enters service in limited numbers.

    2014, July # Problems with Tornado's IC engine. Temporary routing of Protoculture generator to power cycle-mode approved.
    2014, August % XDF-2 test fails. Crew reported as missing, presumed dead.
    2014, September * Viking squadron created, Tom Austin commanding.
    2014, October # Tornado prototype destroyed in freak accident. Sabotage suspected.
    2014, October 30 * Laurie Mason born.
    2014, December Tristar-class light cruisers enter service.
    2015, January First Tokugawa-class battlecarrier commissioned.
    2015, February Army of the Southern Cross is formally established. Construction of the Monument City Southern Cross Headquarters is begun.

    # ASC petitions the UEG to drop the failed Tornado prototype in favour of the proposed Hargun series; the petition is granted.

    & Thallin Braywater changes name to Todd Harris and joins the Armies of the Southern Cross as a test pilot.

    Chimera-class escorts enter service.

    2015, March XAF-3 Alpha pilotless prototype completed and tested.
    2015, April VHT-1 Veritech Hovertank enters service.
    2015, May Breetai's flagship, the last operational Zentraedi vessel remaining in Terran space, is decommissioned and its parts form the core of the new SDF3, now being designed at the Robotech Factory Satellite.

    * Viking squadron decimated.

    2015, June * Viking squadron's losses replaced with new pilots.
    2015, July 13 * Catherine Johnson killed in action.
    2015, August % 13th Armoured Veritech Attack Corps "Cheating" Cheetahs created out of the dregs of the REF and ASC.

    * EBSIS captures a Protoculture generator. Soviets begin to produce their own mecha.

    Battle-class heavy destroyers enter service.

    2015, September 3 * Viking squadron launches a retaliatory strike against EBSIS, destroying Protoculture generator. Kat Collen is captured by the EBSIS and held as a spy.
    2015, September 18-25 * Thomas Austin, with the assistance of Max and Miriya Sterling, launches an unauthorised rescue mission into the EBSIS. Kat Collen is freed.
    2015, November 12 * Thomas Austin and Katriana Collen married.
    2016, January More nations declare independence of UEG.

    Zentraedi uprisings increase in severity.

    2016, February * Viking squadron stationed on UES Tokugawa.
    2016, February 27 ! Jeff Framton promoted to Commander Air Group of the CVS-111 Pluto.
    2016, March 5-19 Zentraedi uprisings reach their climax.
    2016, March 14 ! CVS-107 Chronos sunk.
    2016, April * Zentraedi cruiser appears in Jupiter Orbit. Viking squadron disables it but is lost in action Katriana Austin sole survivor.
    2016, May SF-6 Vulture space fighter enters service.
    2016, June 25 * Michael Austin born to Katriana Austin.
    2017, May VAF-5A Alpha fighter enters production.
    2017, October Development of the new Destroids begins.

    # First Hargun prototype completed. Development delayed due to REF priority.

    2017, November ! Carl T. Ruddman appointed as commander, Southern Cross Naval Division.
    2017, December ! Raijan Conflict begins.
    2018, May ! Delann Rau rebels sieze nuclear missile site in Central Iberia.
    2018, June ! Raijan Conflict ends.
    2018, August Command staff of the SDF-3 selected, and the ship's construction is begun.

    Development of the Logan and Hovertank begins.

    2019, April ADR-10 mk I Catapult enters service.
    2019, May ! CVS-111 Pluto transferred to the Southern Cross Naval Division.
    2021, April MBR-09 mk II Gladiator enters service.
    2021, July Z1 REF Zentraedi Battle Pod enters service.
    2021, November Z2 REF Zentraedi Officer's Pod enters service.
    2021, December MB-R10 mk II Excalibur enters service.
    2022, January-December Troops for REF are selected. Ultimately including troops, ships' crews, reserves, support and dependents 210,000 Terrans and 23,000 micronised Zentraedi will make the journey to Tirol.
    2022, March SDR-10 mk II Shark enters service.
    2022, April ! Jeff Framton assigned to oversee transfer of all submersible carriers to the Southern Cross Naval Division.
    2022, June Original RDF branches (the UN/RDF Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Spacy) are formally disbanded in favour of the new self-integrated branches of the RDF, the REF and the ASC. All RDF personnel are transferred to one of the newer branches or are demobilised.
    2022, December XAF-6 Alpha and XBF-1 Beta docking first tested with mixed success by pilots Max Sterling and Karen Penn. Both planes immediately enter production as the VAF-6 and VBF-1.

    Invid invade Tirol, conquering it swiftly.

    Hunters are wed.

    % SDF-3 departs for Tirol.

    Southern Cross takes possession of all RDF bases and facilities. Apollo Lunar Base is redesignated Moon Base Luna.

    The Factory Satellite (aka SS Liberty) folds one final time to the asteroid belt to serve as a hyperspace relay station to the fleet.

    2023-2028 Southern Cross Battloids and AJACs are developed.
    2023, January REF arrives in the Valivarre system and begins to liberate Tirol from the Invid.
    2023, March 3 Scott Bernard born on Tirol.
    2023, July Tiresia Base is completed and staffed by REF troops. Massive relief effort for the Tirolian citizenry begins.
    2023, September 12 * Jeanne Ducasse born on Tirol to Paul and Marie Ducasse.
    2023, October ! CVS-103 Vulcan transferred to the Southern Cross Naval Division.
    2024, January Sentinels' ship Farrago arrives at Tirol. After heated debate, much of the REF splits off from Tirol and joins the Sentinels.
    2024, March # MODAT conceived as a next-generation Hargun.
    2024, May Logan enters service as the premier Southern Cross light Veritech fighter.
    2025, April Karbarra is liberated.
    2025, June # Harguns enter service with the Southern Cross.
    2025, September Praxian campaign begins.
    2026, June # MODAT 1 completed. Weapon system enhanced. Hargun system successful and in production at Tokyo facilities, slowing MODAT development.
    2026, December Praxis liberated. Sentinels proceed to Garuda.
    2027, January % 13th AVAC base built.

    # MODATs 2, 3, 4, and 5 built as variant prototypes.

    2027, May # Space Harguns enter service with the Southern Cross' Cosmic Unit.
    2027, November Garuda is liberated. Many soldiers breathe Garudan air, forcing the Sentinels to delay while the soldiers receive treatment.
    2028, January Katana-class destroyers enter service with REF.
    2028, June Sentinels arrive at Haydon IV.
    2029, January Robotech Masters arrive and attack Moon Base Luna.

    # One of the Masters' motherships tries to steal the EVE memory core by inserting a clone simulagent of a Southern Cross soldier, B.D. Andrews, who is assigned to the Robotech Research Center in charge of the EVE computer. Todd Harris shot to death by B.D. Andrews' forces, after passing the MODAT 5 to his civilian friend Mark Landry. The simulagent begins transmitting the contents of the computer core to an abandoned Earth satellite, to be intercepted by the Robotech Masters. Mark Landry attempts to expose the Andrews' simulagent with the help of EVE. Threatened by a minister in the Earth Government, the simulagent stages a coup in Japan, only to be killed by Landry.

    % 13th AVAC tried for mutiny and grand larceny.

    2029, February % EVE core transferred to 13th AVAC base as per Emerson's orders.
    2029, March Anatole Leonard becomes Field Marshall. Southern Cross strengthens its forces, anticipating a new invasion. The previous incident is kept a tight secret, although rumours of the prior attack abound.

    Haydon IV is liberated. Sentinels proceed to Spheris.

    2029, April Second Robotech War begins when the Robotech Masters descend en masse on Earth and destroy Earth's satellite network. Contact with Space Station Liberty cut off.
    2029, June Contact with Space Station Liberty re-established. Message is sent to the REF requesting assistance in defending the homeworld.
    2029, July A Tirolian system battleship descends to Earth to excavate the ruins of the SDF1. The ship is discovered by a patrol of the 15th ATAC. After a soldier is taken prisoner by the Masters, the 15th launches an unauthorised rescue attempt, which turns into a full assault when Southern Cross reinforcements arrive. The prisoner is rescued, and the alien ship is driven from the surface.
    2029, August First Robotech Master flagship is downed by the 15th ATAC. 15th ATAC penetrates downed flagship on a Recon mission.

    MODAT 6 series enters production.

    2029, September Downed Robotech Masters flagship docks with another mothership, and the two lift free of Earth.

    Zor Prime is captured by the Southern Cross.

    Carpenter leaves in Hannibal for Earth.

    Edwards makes a secret pact with the Regent.

    MBR12 Destroid Cougar enters service with the REF.

    2029, October Hannibal arrives on Earth and is destroyed, taking a Robotech Master mothership with it. Carpenter warns Leonard that he can expect no more aid from the REF at this time.

    Spheris is liberated.

    * Katriana Austin killed in action during the Spherisian campaign.

    2030, March Earth launches first major offensive against the Robotech Masters. It is quickly defeated and the survivors are sent to refurbish ALuCE-1 as a fallback position.
    2030, April Mission from Earth to relieve ALuCE-1 is ambushed by the Robotech Masters, and escapes with the aid of the returning troops from the moon.

    Peryton is liberated; its 'curse' broken. Sentinels decide to split up. Wolff, Hayes-Hunter, Exedore and the Sterlings lead a portion of the fleet back to Tirol; the rest proceed to Optera under Richard Hunter.

    Breetai discovers Edwards' treachery and is ordered arrested by Edwards. Breetai and his Zentraedi loyalists steal the battlecarrier Valivarre and go into hiding.

    Remaining Sentinels begin Opteran campaign.

    The Regent arrives secretly on Tirol, and is assassinated by Edwards.

    Xerxes-class cruisers enter service with REF.

    2030, May Emerson leads expedition to reinforce Moon Base Luna. His fleet is attacked enroute by a Tirolian system battleship and several destroyers, but manages to defeat the alien battlegroup and deliver the troops and supplies to the base.

    Message arrives on Tirol from Space Station Liberty, requesting help from the REF to fight the Masters. The Plenipotentiary Council, at Edwards' and Admiral Hayes-Hunter's urging, orders a relief expedition to be sent as soon as possible. Edwards recruits the ships and troops mostly from the group that has just returned from the Sentinels' expedition on Peryton, keeping his own loyalist troops close-by.

    Marcus Antonius leaves for Earth, with the 3rd Planetary Corps, the 5th REF Air Force and a large flotilla of destroyers and escorts to assist the Southern Cross' defence of Earth. Colonel John Wolff is among the departing troops.

    Soon after the relief group's departure, Edwards stages a coup on Tirol and holds the Plenipotentiary Council and the General Staff hostage. Breetai returns and attempts a rescue mission, and is fatally wounded in the attempt.

    2030, July Relief Group arrives at Earth and links up with fleet from Liberty, Earth and the Moon for a massive offensive against the Robotech Masters.

    15th ATAC is inserted into the Masters' flagship again. Zor Prime rebels against the Masters and destroys the power core of the flagship. The Masters evacuate the vessel before it is destroyed and transfer their flag to another ship.

    Strike Garland enters production

    2030, August Robotech Masters launch an all-out offensive against Earth. Emerson is captured. 15th ATAC agrees to a prisoner transfer aboard the flagship. The Robotech Masters break the truce and Emerson is killed in the ensuing fight.

    Optera is captured.

    2030, August 8 Robotech Masters' flagship is destroyed over the ruins of the SDF1. The Flower of Life grows readily all over Earth. Much of the fighting dies out, but hostilities continue for another year.
    2030, November The Sentinels and the Opteran Expedition return to Tirol

    * Thanks to a betrayal by Edwards' most senior aide, Lieutenant General Horace Peckenham, the combined loyalists rout Edwards' forces.

    Edwards is killed. * Peckenham is granted amnesty for turning on Edwards.

    The Tirolian shipyards are destroyed in the fighting, damaging the ships on the building ways and leaving the REF without naval construction capacity. The REF enters into negotiation with the Sentinels, especially the Karbarrans, and makes plans to replace the vessels sent to Earth with Wolff with their new battleship, cruiser, and destroyer designs.

    Plenipotentiary Council and REF are asked by Tirol's citizenry to administrate their world.

    2030, December EBSIS is the dominant world power and adopts a hostile stance towards the UEG.

    Concerned with the depleted state of the Southern Cross forces on Earth, REF commanders from the Relief Group establish six REF bases to defend Earth from a possible Invid invasion. REF Relief Group leaders establish close ties to the formidable Southern Cross presence still on the moon, at Luna and ALuCE-1.

    2031, February REF Relief Group commanders decide to re-establish Mars Base as well as setting up supply stations throughout the solar system for fallback procedures.
    2032, March Cyclone system enters mass production.
    2033, April Marcus Antonius, loaded with Tirolian refugees and led by the 15th ATAC, folds out of Earthspace for Tirol. The ship is scrapped on Tirol because of damage caused by a malfunctioning fold system.
    2033, May 13 * EBSIS launches pre-emptive strike against Germany. Passau is destroyed.

    * Second Global Civil War begins.

    2033, May 15 * Invid arrive, destroying both UEG and EBSIS. Moon bases are cut off from Earth.

    * Second Global Civil War ends.

    Invid occupation begins.

    2033, September Invid forces rout last Southern Cross regulars.

    * Michael Austin joins REF.

    2034, June Karbarran shipyards are finally retooled and begin to construct warships for the REF.

    Thunderer-class battleships enter service with the REF.

    2035, March Fleet construction under way. Galaxy wide mop-up operation against the Regent's remaining outposts commences.

    * Atlantis Hive, just north of the Azores, is made operational.

    2035, April * Milo gets first mercenary job.
    2035, October Shadow device is conceived.
    2036, August * Baron Snoek seizes power in Arnhem.
    2037, May Resistance movement gains much strength in North America, Europe and Australia.
    2039, July 10 * Duke v. Schoenberg is killed, Milo is left for dead.
    2039, July 20 * Duke v. Schoenberg's son launches attack against the Invid.
    2039, August 10 * Duke's son forces are defeated and Saxony moves the survivors underground to avoid the Invid retaliation.
    2039, October 15 Driven to desperation because of the failure of the REF to return, a coalition of North American resistance groups and troops from ALuCE-1 launch a joint attack on Reflex Point. Invid succeed in defending the hive and, in subsequent months, resistance in the Americas is completely crushed for the foreseeable future.

    % Lancer crashes to Earth and is rescued by Carla from sympathisers.

    * Invid pull many troops from Europe to deal with the threat to Reflex Point, giving Saxony relief from Invid reprisals.

    Traditional date for beginning of Third Robotech War.

    2039, October 27 * Kane and Milo duel in Frankfurt.
    2040, January 5 * Willem de Vries unites Dutch resistance into the Geuzen.
    2040, July * Saxony begins intense but clandestine militarisation and industrialisation program.
    2040, September-October * Michael is trapped on the Tirolian outpost of Dahlori-4, having been shot down by Imperial Zentraedi. Michael is hunted by a Nousgran'diel, but eventually escapes.
    2041, June * Battle of Kappa Pontis 4. Valiant severely damaged, but is saved by the fighters, under Michael Austin.
    2041, September The cruiser Powell is destroyed over Celis 3. Reports later indicate that the Invid are using the survivors for biological warfare experiments.
    2042, February In preparation for the upcoming missions to Earth, the REF's 7th Marine Division, with 6000 men and 2000 Veritechs, is dispatched to establish an advance attack base in South America, codenamed 'Point K'.
    2042, August Mars Fleet leaves for Earth, lead by Valiant and De Ruyter.
    2042, September Invid troops mass in South America and successfully destroy Point K.
    2042, September 14 Mars Fleet arrives at Earth and is destroyed to the last ship. Survivors join the resistance.
    2042, November Shadow-drones perfected and added to arsenal. Shadow devices installed on Alphas, Betas and spacecraft.
    2043, January Colonel Johnathan Wolff dies. Invid attack and destroy Soldiertown soon after.
    2043, April Invid simulagent, Ariel, is transmutated, and is inserted into Scott Bernard's resistance band near the ruins of Point K.
    2043, July Sera and Corg are transmutated.
    2044, February Scott Bernard's resistance band finds the city of Denver, which has been covered in ice.
    2044, July 18 Final attack on Reflex Point.

    Invid leave Earth, leaving behind some of their contingent.

    % 13th AVAC reported MIA during attack on Reflex Point.

    2044, August * 250,000 Solugi (humanoid Invid) remaining on Earth establish themselves in Australia, ruled by Prince Kharoth.
    2044, September % 13th AVAC base goes into automatic shutdown.
    2044, November * UEG is re-established and popular elections are held. The new government is highly dominated by the military, especially by the ground forces.
    2045, March * UEG enters on ambitious plan to restore order and rebuild Earth's economy and ecology.
    2046-2051 * First 5-year plan to rebuild Earth's military executed. Earth's new navy begins to be built, primarily for defensive purposes. Militias and former irregulars are forced into reserve units. UEG attempts to establish control over the Western Hemisphere.
    2046-2048 * Australian Incident: Invid and UEG enter into an escalating conflict, beginning over a failure to guarantee of safety for Invid outside their new homeland, and over protoculture exports from Australia. Full-scale war looms.
    2046, July * European Grand Alliance nations (France, Spain, German-Slav Republic) finish their campaign to reunify Europe, and announce their intentions to join the UEG as preferred members.
    2047-2049 * New York War Crimes Tribunals begin, as an attempt to discredit those REF Naval officers who participated in the decision to launch the Neutron-S missiles on Earth. Several REF officers on Tirol are subpoenaed, and when they refuse to appear, are convicted in absentia. Earth demands their extradition, and Tirol refuses.
    2048, June * Rear Admiral Michael Austin and Regent Kharoth agree to end all hostilities and sign the treaty of San Francisco; both sides pledge non-aggression.
    2049-2059 * Civilian life returns to normal. Rebuilding of the North American and European economies occurs, with India and Africa slated to be next. Re-occupation and restoration of the Eurasian wasteland begins. Several radical xenophobic terrorist groups, the Green Hand among them, begin to attack alien residents of Earth.
    2051-2056 * Second 5-year military plan begins; Michael Austin is placed in charge of the new Naval construction and command as a senior adviser, and is promoted to full Admiral and granted active reserve status.
    2051-2054 * Earth asserts that the many former REF officers administrating Tirol are under Earth, and that Tirol is subject to the UEG as a dependent territory. Tirol baulks, and sends war vessels to show the flag in Earth orbit. The situation escalates until Tirol cuts off Earth's supply of Monopole ore and blockades Earth ships attempting to trade with the Sentinels worlds.
    2054, July * Michael Austin and his biographer travel to New Chicago for the tenth anniversary celebration of the end of Invid occupation.
    2054, August-2056, February * Tirol and Earth engage in a brief shooting war. Admiral Austin compensates for Earth's weaker forces, and manages to avert Earth's almost inevitable defeat and bring the fighting to a stalemate. Admiral Austin and Proconsul Max Sterling of Tirol sign the Haydonian accords, guarantying Tirol's independence and the neutrality of space.
    2057, March * Earth's president promotes Michael Austin to the Admiral of the Fleet. Austin's first action is to propose major increases in Naval and Marine strength.
    2060, September * Efretti are contacted, and monopole ore is discovered in their territory. Green Hand kills 200 Solugi in a London nightclub.
    2062, September % Pro-Terran activist seize weapons from war museum in Neo-Brazilia and start killing non-humans.
    2062, November % Pro-Terran movement quashed. 1/3 of Neo-Brazilia's non-human population killed.
    2063, October % Terran Robotech Museum Institute established in old Brazilian Grand Cannon site.
    2069, January % Quadrant Academy of Science established in Ontario Sector, Earth.
    2069, October % First Invid Scientist contingent enrolled in Academy of Science.
    2073, April 12 % Quadrant invaded by Pretoxican ships.
    2073, April % Pretoxican troops control all of Earth. Still no news from other planets.
    2074, April % 13th AVAC Cheetah base reopens.
    2074, August % New 13th AVAC's first sortie.
    2075, May % Battle over Tokyo.
    2075, June % Destruction of 13th AVAC base by nuclear weapon.

    % Destruction of Pretoxican Battleship. 13th AVAC Reported MIA during final assault.

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