MEMIC: Molecular Electro-Magnetic Instruction Card. Standard plug-and-play flash-memory descendant of the PCMCIA system used in 20th Century Lap-tops. Comes in several sizes:
MEMIC-010 10 Gbytes 75 x 130 x 09 (120Kbytes/mm3)
MEMIC-020 20 Gbytes 75 x 130 x 15 (144Kbytes/mm3)
MEMIC-050 50 Gbytes 75 x 130 x 30 (180Kbytes/mm3)
MEMIC-130 130 Gbytes 75 x 130 x 50 (282Kbytes/mm3)
All sizes come in User Programmable [UP] (allowing a user to alter the information contained in them without special equipment) and Fixed Programme [FP] (these cannot be modified in the field and require extensive laboratory work to alter)

A Valkyrie contains, as standard:
Location MEMICs
Left Screen 1 MEMIC-010 (UP)
2 MEMIC-010 (FP)
Middle Screen 1 MEMIC-010 (UP)
1 MEMIC-010 (FP)
1 MEMIC-020 (FP)
Right Screen 1 MEMIC-010 (UP)
2 MEMIC-010 (FP)
Battle Computer 1 MEMIC-010 (UP)
1 MEMIC-050 (FP)
Movement Computer 3 MEMIC-010 (UP)
2 MEMIC-050 (FP)
Passive Sensors 2 MEMIC-010 (FP)
Active Sensors 3 MEMIC-010 (FP)
Master Computer 2 MEMIC-020 (UP)
2 MEMIC-020 (FP)
2 MEMIC-050 (FP)
1 MEMIC-130 (FP)
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