Narrator Many years ago, the kingdom of the Moon was under attack by the forces of the MegaVerse. In a desperate attempt to preserve the beauty and serenity of his Kingdom, Haydon sent his most precious creation, the SDF-1, to Earth. Hidden within it was the secret and the power to destroy the evil MegaVerse. To protect the SDF-1, Haydon also made sure that warriors would rise to defend it. They would be known as: The Sailor Scots. er, Scouts.
Episode one Do we really hafta?
[Macross Island. The ship, which had previously crashed, has been repaired.]
[Out in space, a rip form and Warriors of the MegaVerse, lead by Queen Breetai, appear in Lunar Orbit. Inside the ships, a conversation is taking place.]
Queen Breetai Are you sure this is where it is?
Execite Absolutely, oh Queen Breetai. The black crystal has never led us wrong.
Queen Breetai What an absolutely dismal planet. It would look so much better in Mauve. Or maybe Puce. What do you think?
Execite <mumbling> I think Joan Crawford has a lot to answer for.
Queen Breetai What was that, lackey? Do you dare challenge me?
Execite No, your Magnificence. I should be your lackey. Lackey, lackey lackey.
Queen Breetai SILENCE. I despise that singer.
Execite Yes, oh my Queen.
Queen Breetai I don't like that city around the ship. Please have it removed.
Execite At once, my Queen. All troops, attack.
[Macross island. The alarm sounds and people are running all over trying to find shelter. Not that it'll do them much good against the MegaVerse.]
[SDF-1 Main Bridge. Lisa Maize and the other Bridge Usagis are busy prepping the ship for departure. Captain GrowBald enters the bridge and promptly knocks himself out on the low door, thus ridding us of yet another extra.]
Lisa Captain, watch out for the... oh, never mind.
Cloddia Engines are at full power, Lisa.
Lisa O! K!. Now we'll kick some MegaVerse butts. REFLEX! ENGINES! ACTIVATION!
[Macross Island. The SDF-1 takes off and re-orients itself to point towards Queen Breetai's ship.]
[SDF-1 Main Bridge. Lisa is taunting Queen Breetai.]
Lisa In the name of Tirol, We shall punish you.
Queen Breetai Promises, promises.
Cloddia Lisa! No! That's the code for the-
[Macross Island. SDF-1 suddenly winks out of existence.]
[Pluto Orbit. SDF-1 suddenly winks into existence.]
Cloddia -Fold engine.
Lisa Whoopsies.
Dr. Luna (VO) Girls, we have a problem. It seems that the Fold Crystal has disappeared. Most likely, it has split into myriad of components which are now hidden somewhere in the Solar System. Since they are the source of our power, I suggest we get to them before the MegaVerse's MegaForces get to them.
Lisa Isn't that stretching disbelief just a little, Luna?
Dr. Luna (VO) Hey, have you seen the rest of the script?
Lisa Point taken.
Bridge Usagis WAAaaahh!! We're lost!!!!
Narrator Will our intrepid heroes find the crystals before Queen Breetai and the MegaVerse? Will the infernal wailing of the Usagis ever stop? Find out in our exciting second episode: Entrance! Sailor Swoon!

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