A Man Named Zor

To the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies

Now let me tell you a story, 'bout a man named Zor
A young scientist, his race was Energy-poor
And then one day he was sniffin' at some flower
When out came the idea of a brand new source of power
Bio-power, that is...

Now all of a sudden, young Zor has been sequestered
And Optera's been nuked, the Invid have been scattered
The Zentraedi made, the Masters are in power
And all for the sake of a small tri-petal Flower
Flower of life, that is...
Invid Tea

The Invid gone, Ci'Va's in a rebellion
The Zentraedi sent stage a gigantic defection
Dolza is sent to pound them into line
And the planet's blown up into pieces really fine.
Small, that is...
Sand-like chunks

The Protoculture stores are running really low
The Masters are scared, Zor's got them on the go
They send him out to refoliate some planets
To provide them with power - Zor is happy to supply it
Smirking, that is...
Double crosser

Unknown to the Masters, Zor stole the last clean Matrix
And hid it on his ship, his hope to do some tricks
But the Invid laid a trap for our poor friend
And they blew him away into never-never land
No-return, that is...
Unknown Country.

The Macross left fast, the Invid on its tail
The Zentraedi searched, but it didn't leave a trail
And then one day it is restored to full power
And the Zentraedi come to reclaim the Master's Flowers.
Possession, that is...
Nine-tenth of the law.

So let this little tale provide you with a lesson
About trusting friends with all of your creations
Poor Zor didn't heed, he regretted ever more
Not putting in a patent, for his work's been causing wars.
Robotech, that is...
Lot's of wars.

Y'all come out now, you hear?

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