To the tune of Queen's Champions

Regis you're a tall girl, cool girl
Gonna have to talk with some sense some day
You've got Zor on your brain,
Gave up your reign,
Dragging your race all over known space (saying)
She will, She will rule you (say it now)
She will, She will rule you

Regent you're a dark guy, bad guy
Cowl and cape do not make a man, we say.
You've got a slug on your face,
You big disgrace,
Dragging your fleet all over the place (saying)
He will, He will nuke you (say it now)
He will, He will nuke you

We've paid our dues,
We've lost it all,
We've watch our world boil away into space
But we've strung along
(And we've strung along, along, along,...)

'Cause we are Opterans my friends
And we'll keep on swarming 'till the end
We are Opterans
We are not Martians
No time for Humans, 'cause we are Opterans
'Till we end.

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