ROBOTECH: Protoculture War

These pages are archives from the now defunct Geocities. As such, their behaviour might be... interresting... at times.

The Protoculture Wars is a set of Fan-written fiction (FanFic) set in the Robotech Universe. These stories use the Purist point of view and as such tend to be incompatible with the Robotech Novels, Comics or Role-Playing Game.

The main story-arc of ProWar is the problems created by a device called Remote Links, first introduced into the story in 2009. The story is split into two main groups - the "Children of..." set of novels and short stories, as well as the episodic "Alternate Points of View"


Children Of... (series)
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Pretty Mecha Sailor Swoon - R (obotech)
Survival Posit (series)
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About The Author

These works are © 1986 Aubry Thonon, except for those names, songs and concepts copyrighted to the appropriate owners.
ROBOTECH is © 1985 Harmony Gold.
MACROSS is © 1982 Tatsunoko.

Feel free to copy this work and distribute it as long as:

Banner courtesy of ProtoCultureVulture (aka Bas van Krieken). Many thanks to Bas for his work.


These pieces of prose and rhyme where written using the Queen's English (english) rather than American English (anglish). As such I use organise instead of organize, armour instead of armor, etc, etc, etc...

Consider yourselves warned of my peculiarities.

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