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Aubry Thonon (aka Neoculture) is a Computer Programmer for Education Queensland, writing 4GL programs to keep track of the Department's myriad pieces of information. Formerly, he did a stint for the Justice Department, creating a licensing program for Private and Credit Investigators. Aubry was also the president of AnimE AustraliA (Brisbane) for seven years running.

Born in Beloeil, Belgium, Aubry was raised in a multitude of environments starting with a little village in Belgium called La Hulpe (which has now become the hub for Electronic Funds Transfer in Europe and is the site for IBM in the Benelux, but this is probably just a coincidence), but moved to Algeria at the tender age of seven. A native French speaker, Aubry attended the local French school for a couple of years before moving on to the American School of Algiers where he learned English from a Texan.

In 1982, he migrated to Australia and joined St Columban's College for four years. This done, he moved on to the University Of Queensland to study computing for three years (as well as some Chemistry, Physics, Math, Psychology and Accounting), graduating with a B.Sc. in 1989 and is now doing a Post-Grad. He is seriously debating going back to University and becoming a Professional Student.

Aubry first got involved with Robotech in 1986, when the first episode was screened as a "teaser" during the anniversary edition of Boris' Breakfast Club, an early-morning cartoon show. B'BC then screened the entire series twice before it went the way of all TV shows. Although he was not present at the premiere of "Robotech - the Movie: The Untold Story" when it was released in Dallas in late summer 1986, he nonetheless managed to see it on video and only had one comment to make: "Nice story, but lose the Southern Cross stuff". Both of these events rekindled the anime and manga passion that had been seeded in him when, as a kid, he had watched the entire series of Go Nagai's "UFO Robot Grandizer" when it was screened on France's A2 channel as "Goldorak". This passion has yet to abate and Aubry is currently working on an ambitious project called The Protoculture Wars which will span several novels (four so far). 

In addition to Robotech, Aubry maintains active interests in role-playing, anime, manga, classical music, heavy metal, JPOP, classic rock and old Science-Fiction films. His interest currently is held by Babylon 5.

After being part of a successful letter campaign to put Robotech back on the Australian airwaves (it was shown in its entirety in 1995), Aubry urges those Robotech fans out there who would like to see the show to petition their local TV stations - if it worked in Oz, it can work anywhere.

He is married to a wonderful girl called Kirstin and is enjoying every minute of it. 

Aubry's main contribution to the Tech Files was as nit-picker and general Devil's Advocate, as well as providing Peter with production sheets for Mospeada from an Artmic Production book - and, of course, being co-author of the timeline with Peter, and of the GMP hoverplatforms. Discussions with Aubry about the relative strengths of the Zentraedi and Invid, and the enigmatic "disciples of Zor" were also instrumental for Peter in his development of the history of Tirol. 

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