Protoculture War Story Arc

  • Haydon convicted of "crimes against nature" Haydon escapes in a hyperdrive ship. Pretoxicans build several pursuit ships go after him.
  • Haydon arrives in the Local Quadrant and proceeds to mess with ecosphere of several of the planets, including transplanting Terragens to Praxis and selling them as slaves to a Pretoxican colony on Tirol. Pursuers catch up with Haydon and he is forced to flee once again. Pursuers follow.
  • Tirolian Terragens revolt and destroy the Pretoxicans on Tirol.
  • Zor discovers Protoculture.
  • Invid forced to abandon Optera.
  • Zor dies. Macross sent to Earth where it crashes. Nous-Gran'Diel activated to kill Zor (makes for a very confused assassin). EVE core transferred to Tokyo Research Centre. Thallin Braywater steps into a Protoculture Chamber by mistakes and begins transformation into Nous-Gran'Diel. Thallin is "rescued" before process is complete, thus leaving him partially human (and with a screwed-up metabolism).
  • Zentraedi attack Macross Island. Christina Leeds dies. Thallin steals her body and uses it to create an AI construct called Izabelle "Izi" Fate.
  • Izabelle goes crazy. Thallin finds out Christina was an operative for the Undercover Operations Forces (UOF). The UOF question Thallin as to why "Christina" has not reported in and what Thallin's connection to all this is.
  • Mars Base attack. Izabelle accused of murdering Supply Sergeant Tamara Sam'di.
  • Macross returns to Earth. Izabelle transferred to Skull.
  • Roy Fokker dies. Thallin attempts to steal the body. Thallin learns from EVE that Izabelle was supposed to be a "remote-link" between a pilot and a veritech, allowing the pilot to remain safely on the ground. The theory is derived from plans for Bioroid constructions EVE has in her memories. The project fails.
  • Zentraedi "rain of death" destroys most of Earth. Macross destroys Dolza's armada.
  • Izabelle transferred to Ghost squadron.
  • Haydon anticipates a need to return to Quadrant to fight his pursuers. Sends advance scout. Pursuers do same.
  • Lang attempts to use Protoculture Chamber to clone humans. This project is also used to try to perfect the "remote-link" and the two "intact" clones are furnished with one.
  • Pursuers' scout contacts Hausthar. Haydon's scouts attempt to kill them.
  • Michele uses her "remote-link" to allow Khyron to attack New Macross. During the ensuing fight, Hausthar's "remote-link" goes into overdrive, effectively wiping Michele's mind clean and interfering with Macross' firing system.
  • Terran Clone and Remote-Link projects are abandoned. Remote-Link system eventually falls into the hand of a SCA scientist. This eventually leads to the "Cyberpirate" storyline.
  • XDF-1 tests a failure. Hausthar, Michele and Victor brought in to help with XDF-2 tests.
  • Hausthar, Michele and Victor vanish during testing of the XDF-2.
  • Thallin changes his name and infiltrates the SCA. Izabelle joins the REF.
  • Izabelle leaves with SDF-3. Thallin stays behind. Skull-13 joins the SCA's "13th AVAC Cheetahs"
  • Robotech Masters attempt to retrieve EVE core. Thallin shot when he tries to pass the MODAT-7 to his friend for safe-keeping. Robotech Masters fail.
  • Cheetahs indicted for stealing various military hardware. Emerson steps in and offers Cheetahs immunity in return for "Dirty Dozen" type assignments. EVE core transferred to Cheetah's base.
  • Robotech Masters attempt to invade Earth. 13th AVAC repulses attack on Brazillian Sector's Grand Cannon. Second Robotech War ends.
  • Invid invade.
  • Izabelle returns to Earth with Jonathan Wolff in second wave against the Invid.
  • Attack on Reflex Point. All 13th AVAC personnel die. 13th AVAC's base shuts down.
  • XDF-2 re-appears from hyperspace 2 feet from Earth's surface and crashes. Crew decides to reconnoitre first and splits up.
  • Pretoxican ships appear in Quadrant. Haydon's lands on Earth, pursuers on Tirol and Garruda. Occupation of Earth begins. Joseph, Ballute and others start trek to find 13th AVAC base.
  • Group finds Ricky/Susan.
  • Hausthar/Gary joins Group.
  • Victor/Andrew and Michele/Andrea join Group.
  • Group fights its way through Panama Canal.
  • Haydon and pursuer start "folding" mountains at one another.
  • Lora and Lyra Jade join Group.
  • Group finds 13th AVAC base. EVE and Skull-13 re-activated. Wounded Izabelle found in Stasis.
  • Lora Jade turns out to be an imposter and a spy for Haydon's group. Lora escapes.
  • Hausthar/Gary learns the truth about Ricky/Susan. Both decide to leave the 13th AVAC and join Haydon's forces.
  • Izabelle killed while defending Tokyo with Skull-13.
  • 13th AVAC base destroyed by tac-nukes.
  • Final assault on Haydon's ship. Victor is killed trying to open the lock. Ricky is killed by Michele who then goes on to fight Hausthar to a stand-still. Ballute and others die getting Joseph to the engines. Joseph is stopped by Lora who threatens to kill him if he moves. Michele crashes her plane into Hausthar's detonating both. Joseph shoots the engines, destroying Haydon's ship.
  • Pretoxican pursuers stop fight and surrender, life-work over now that Haydon is dead.

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